When it comes to Plastic Surgery and your face, chose an experienced, top cosmetic surgery expert you can trust.

Dr. Damon Chandler has focused his entire career on Eyelid and Facial Cosmetic Surgery. Blepharoplasty, Ptosis surgery, Cheek Rejuvenation, and Removal of Growths and Mole from all parts of the face are the core of Dr. Chandler’s practice.  He has performed over 2000 eyelid operations and is known as the “difficult spot surgeon” for his expertise and skill at removing facial moles, cysts, and lesions that other plastic surgeons and dermatologists are unable or unwilling to treat. After achieving honors at top 10 ranked Duke University and Duke University Medical School, Dr. Chandler was trained in General Surgery at Harvard Medical School’s world-renowned Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Chandler then honed his exceptional ivy-league training in eyelid and facial plastic surgery at the top ranked University of Pennsylvania.  The combination of his specific training and highly refined surgical skills are what Dr. Chandler can offer each of his patients. Click here to read Philadelphia and South Jersey Plastic Surgeon Dr. Damon Chandler’s complete biography.