“When Dr Mishkel told me about his concierge practice, my first thought was that he is the best and how could the care he gave me be any better.  Oddly, a few days after I signed for this service, I experience my first stroke –on a Sunday afternoon.  I called his cell phone and he answered with reassurance and instructions for meeting him at the ER.  For me, that one call was worth paying for the special service of a concierge practice.  “

“Without hesitation we signed up for Dr. David Mishkel’s 24/7, mobile phone and text communication service. Dr. Mishkel’s  professionalism, kindness, and consideration saved Mama’s life as well as my sanity and ability to provide the best possible care for her.

Most recently after my mother needed an aorta replacement TAVR and a pacemaker implemented. while in NY. Dr. Mishkel researched the most experienced doctor with the best outcome record statistically, stayed in touch with him and us day or night He answered all questions without fail and guided us on how to handle the most difficult issues. We would be lost without Dr. Mishkel and his Concierge Service.

I strongly suggest participating in this new program for both patient and family member. “