Questions about Cosmetic Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgery

Does Eyelid or Facial Surgery hurt?

Eyelid and facial surgery is virtually painless during the surgery itself. Eyelid and Facial Surgery Procedures may be performed in the office with local anesthesia or in the operating room using twilight sedation. Afterwards, you may experience some tenderness and swelling, but severe pain is very rare. Most patients report that they are back on their feet and feeling great in just a few days.

How much downtime is there after Eyelid Surgery? What is the recovery from Eyelid Plastic Surgery like?

Recovery from eyelid or eyebrow surgery is fairly rapid. Dr. Chandler will discuss the specifics of your particular procedure(s) but in general in the first 24 hours after surgery you will be asked to rest with cool compresses on the areas involved in your surgery. You will often be asked to apply prescribed ointment to your incisions. You are asked to avoid any heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for 1 week following surgery. For eyelid surgery you can expect bruising under the lower eyelid area/cheeks for approx 1-2 weeks. For eyelid surgery specificially, you may have mild swelling of the mucous membrane of the eyeball itself for a few weeks as well. By 6 weeks after surgery you will be doing well and looking very good, though some small amount of swelling is likely to persist. Dr. Chandler asks all his patients to allow 6 weeks after surgery before any family/business events where significant photography would be expected. Approximately 6 months to 1 year is required for complete healing of any facial surgery or wound.

How long does Eyelid (Eyelift) Surgery last?

Everyone ages differently, but most patients can expect cosmetic eyelid surgery to last approx 8-10 years or longer. This is an investment in your future and in how you will feel about yourself for years to come. Choosing to have a consultation with an eyelid and facial surgery expert like Dr. Damon Chandler will allow you to review and discuss your options so you can make an informed choice regarding your goals and expectations.