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Patient Testimonials: Eyelid Surgery, Face Mole Removal, Blepharoplasty, Eye Bag Removal and Ptosis Surgery

“Amazing Doctor” (Best eyelid surgeon!)

“When I was a teenager in high school, I realized my right eyelid was positioned slightly lower over my pupil than my left. It bothered me, especially in pictures and videos because to me, it gave me a dopey, sleepy appearance. I was undecided if I should try and correct it, as well as skeptical if it were possible to be corrected to my satisfaction.

Eleven years later, after discovering Dr. Chandler online, I was impressed with his credentials and specialization in Ptosis repair. I understood for Ptosis repair I required an Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon, however in addition to the title and experience, the best doctor embodies so much more…” Read Complete Review

– A. W. in West Chester, PA

“Love my Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)”

I hated being asked everyday “I guess you didn’t sleep very well last night?”
Finally made up my mind that eyelid surgery had to be done. Researched and found great reviews about Dr. Chandler. When I met with Dr. Chandler he put me completely at ease, explained the surgery thoroughly, and I made the decision to go ahead. The best decision I ever made!
My upper Blepharoplasty went great, easy quick recovery. A week later my sister saw me and said I looked fabulous. The surgery gave me a renewed confidence and I love my new look.”

– V. L. in Abington, PA

“So Happy with my Mole Removal”

I had a fairly large mole on my nose for years, and I finally decided I wanted to remove it. It didn’t hurt at all and the healing process was very easy and short! I’m so glad I did! He was accessible for follow up questions and checked in about my healing. He did an amazing job, there isn’t any scar at all! A year later I forget I used to have a mole on my nose at all. I feel great and confident, and it was an easy and pleasant experience. I highly recommend him, he’s magical at his craft..”

– B. D. in Cherry Hill, NJ

“Would certainly recommend Dr. Chandler!” (Removed cysts near Eye)

Came because I was concerned about cysts growing near my left eye. Was concerned that they be removed safely and without scarring. Saw Dr. Chandler and he removed them painlessly and they healed very quickly. I had fear and trepidation beforehand, but it didn’t bother me at all. Would certainly refer to Dr. Chandler for eyelid or facial surgery. Everything healed fine, no scarring. Very satisfied.”

– M. K. in Jenkintown, PA

“Wow! Impeccable eyelid surgery skills” (Blepharoplasty)

I can’t say enough about the expertise of Dr. Chandler and the amazing work that he does. Just had my eyelids done and all I can say is WOW!! Impeccable skills!
Can’t even see my suture line and I’m 3 days post procedure. Minimal bruising and swelling. I was extremely touched when Dr. Chandler called me the next day to follow -up. I’m an RN and am very familiar with medicine, bed side mannerism and procedures, have to say that Dr. Chandler exceeded my expectations. Wanted to add that his staff was amazing especially Michelle who assisted him during my surgery. Can’t thank you enough🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼”

– I.B. in Main Line, PA

“Happy with my eyelid surgery results” (Blepharoplasty)

Saw Dr. Chandler with droopy saggy eyelids and was very concerned about anyone doing anything to my eyes or my face! Yet it wasn’t uncomfortable at all to go through my procedures. Other friends that have had this done told me it would hurt. It was much better than I anticipated. I’m very happy with my blepharoplasty and ptosis results. Would definitely recommend Dr. Chandler for eyelid or facial surgery.”

– C. H. in Philadelphia, PA.

“3 years later & it’s still great!” (Ptosis surgery)

Came to Dr. Chandler and my eyelids were very very droopy (Ptosis). Dr. Chandler made me look like I was awake again!! I always looked like I was about to go to sleep. You couldn’t see the color of my eyes at all. I was very impressed with his manner, the way he treated me and I was very pleased. Not one negative thing to say. It was not a painful surgery, I did get black and blue which eventually went away. It was so worth it to have Dr. Chandler help me. 3 years later and it’s still great!”

– B.V. in Willingboro, NJ.

“My eyelid looks wonderful”

Came to Dr. Chandler with a drooping eyelid as a result of Bell’s Palsy. I saw Dr. Chandler’s before and after pictures and I realized how good he was. I wanted that kind of result! So he performed my ptosis eyelid surgery and it could not be better. My eye looks wonderful and nobody asks me anymore “why is your eye drooping” I had this for 30 years and I wish I had known Dr. Chandler years ago. Surgery was painless and he explained everything to me. Couldn’t recommend enough.”

– R.F. in Bristol, PA.

*All statements are actual reviews (Google Reviews,, Facebook,, written by patients treated by Dr. Damon Chandler in Philadelphia, PA or South Jersey, NJ. Each plastic surgery treatment and/or cosmetic results may vary and cannot be guaranteed.

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