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Brow Lift? Over time the eyebrows may fall below their natural location on the orbital bone. The result is a low, heavy brow along with heavy, baggy upper eyelids.

What Causes Baggy Eyelids?

Frequently the heavy tissues of the forehead and upper eyelid weigh down onto the eye, giving a tired or sometimes an overly intense, mean appearance. People often wrinkle their forehead strongly in an effort to counteract this weight. As a result, deep wrinkles of the forehead occur. The natural, pleasing arch of the eyebrow is lost when the brow becomes “tired”.

Many patients with brow droop come to Dr. Chandler believing that upper eyelid surgery is the main feature they want corrected. A key concept is that patients with significant droopy brows cannot be corrected by eyelid surgery alone. Very often during a consultation patients demonstrate with their hand that if they lift their brow they notice an improvement in their upper eyelid area.

How A Brow Lift Works

Brow lift surgery can restore aging changes of the upper face, brow and eyelids and results in a more alert, more youthful appearance. Dr. Chandler performs several types of Brow Lift in Philadelphia and South Jersey, including the most modern, minimally invasive, Endoscopic technique.

Brow Lift Philadelphia
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Who needs a brow lift?
Brow droop differs from person to person. Every person ages differently and every face, brow and eyelid is different. The key is to realize that if a heavy, droopy brow is present, upper eyelid surgery alone will not be enough to achieve a nice result Dr. Chandler is an expert in cosmetic brow lift and eyelid surgery and designs a surgical plan based on each person’s face to give an individualized result.
Are there scars from a brow lift?
Endoscopic brow lifting is the most modern approach that is excellent for many patients. A Brow lift allows Dr. Chandler to raise up and elevate the brows and upper eyelid region for a remarkable improvement in youthfulness. For most patients brow lift scars can be hidden completely behind the hairline. The only challenge would be for a bald patient or someone with a very receded hairline.


Get more insight about Brow Lift Surgery by reading Dr. Chandler’s post: “Brow Lift: Brighten Your Look and Your Spirits“.

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