Upper Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Philadelphia PA, NJ

What is Upper Eyelid Surgery (Eyelid Lift Surgery)?

Experience the rejuvenating effects of upper eyelid surgery or eyelid lift surgery, a transformative procedure designed to help aging and droopy eyelids. Conveniently offered in Philadelphia, Main Line, and South Jersey, Dr. Chandler ensures a meticulous approach to removing excess tissues and artistically sculpting the upper eyelid and eyebrow. Come meet with a top plastic surgeon to understand more about the benefits, recovery process, and how an upper eyelid lift procedure can enhance your overall appearance. If you’re considering an eyelid surgery in Philadelphia region, reach out to Dr. Chandler for a detailed consultation.

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How Does Eyelid Surgery (Cosmetic Blepharoplasty) Help Droopy Eyelids?

Upper eyelid surgery, sometimes referred to as an “eyelid lift” or “upper eye lift surgery,” rejuvenates the upper eyelid area, makes the eyes more alert, and takes weight off the eyelids. There are many aspects of cosmetic eyelid surgery to discuss with Dr. Chandler surgeon. It is important to realize that any actual “droopy” or closing eyelid would require repair of a muscle weakness, known as Ptosis, and standard eyelid aging. In cases where ptosis is present, a specialized ptosis repair might be needed.

Often, Dr. Chandler combines both blepharoplasty and ptosis surgery (repair) to achieve optimal upper eyelid surgery results. Many patients express a sensation of relief post-surgery, describing it as if “a weight was lifted off their eyelids,” leading to more open and vibrant eyes. For a detailed understanding and consultation, consider reaching out to Dr. Chandler.”

Wearing Makeup After Eyelid Surgery in Philadelphia

Women who enjoy wearing eyelid makeup often face challenges due to excess baggy eyelid skin as they age. This sagging skin makes the application of mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow difficult, if not impossible. Eyeliner can disappear under baggy lids, mascara may leave vertical smudges, and eyeshadow becomes hard to position correctly with heavy upper eyelids. But there is a an excellent cosmetic solution. For those who yearn for their eyes to “pop” with makeup again, Eyelid Surgery in Philadelphia by Dr. Chandler could be the perfect choice. Rediscover the joy of beautifully applied eyelid makeup!

Upper Eyelid Surgery – Male Blepharoplasty, A Choice for Men

Men too can enjoy the rejuvenating effects of upper eyelid surgery. After undergoing an upper eye lift, many male blepharoplasty patients report their eyelids looking less tired and worn-out, giving them a refreshed appearance. While fitness regimes and diets can improve many aspects of one’s physique, they can’t reverse the aging of the eyelids. In the distant past, cosmetic eyelid surgery was primarily sought by women. However, men today are equally keen on looking vibrant and attractive, maintaining their appearance, much like their female counterparts. All genders appreciate the enhancement in their photographs and selfies after an eyelid lift, boosting their confidence, especially in the age of social media. Who doesn’t want to look their best on Instagram, Facebook or in your Website Profile Photo?!

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Upper Blepharoplasty / Eyelid Surgery FAQs

What is the Upper Eyelid Surgery (Eyelid Lift) Procedure?

Upper Eyelid surgery can be performed in the office or at an outpatient surgical center and usually takes about an hour to perform. Recovery from an eye lift is fairly rapid and downtime is usually just a few days. Upper Eyelift surgery is an excellent procedure and patients typically love the results. Eyelid surgery is the surgical removal of excess tissues of the upper eyelid along with the sculpting and contouring of the eyelid and eyebrow region to give a beautiful refreshed result. Surgeons make incisions in the crease of the upper eyelid to hide them. They may use Botox to enhance the result.

Who is a Good Candidate for Upper Blepharoplasty / Eyelid Surgery?
Many people over the age of 35 could benefit from eyelid lift surgery, as aging changes in the upper eyelids is almost universal. People feel that the eye lift procedure makes them look more alert, removes any hooding in the upper eyelids, and makes their eyes and their entire face look younger and rejuvenated. Younger patients with good skin tone can expect particularly excellent results.
Are There Limitations to What Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Can Achieve?
Eyelid surgery is a very successful, satisfying procedure for our patients. The only real limitations exist when relaxation of the forehead skin and the eyebrow also contribute to your sagging eyelids, rather than the just the eyelids themselves. In these cases, a brow lift may be a better procedure. Dr. Chandler is also expert in minimally invasive Endoscopic Brow Lift.
How Long Do the Eye Lift Surgery Results Last?
Surgical repair of sagging or drooping eyelids, known as blepharoplasty, typically lasts 8-10 years but may last much longer. Every person ages differently and every face is different. Dr. Chandler is an expert in cosmetic eyelid surgery and designs a surgical plan based on each person’s face to give an individualized result.
How much does Eyelid Surgery cost?

Cosmetic eyelid surgery costs vary. Dr. Chandler provides each patient with an individualized plan that best suits them. Typically, surgeons can perform an eye lift in the office, which saves on surgical center facility and anesthesia fees.

Eyelid surgery Philadelphia region costs can vary, but typically a range of $8000-$10,000 is expected for eyelid surgery in the hands of an expert that is designing a custom based cosmetic surgical plan. During an in-person consultation with Dr. Chandler and his cosmetic coordinator, costs can be reviewed for your proposed eyelid surgery. Financing is available for those that are interested and qualify. The cost of a blepharoplasty is an investment in yourself, in your appearance, and typically the results are beautiful and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Where are the Incisions for Eyelid Surgery? Are there Scars after Eyelid Surgery?

During a blepharoplasty, Dr. Chandler makes the incisions in the natural crease of the upper eyelids. This effectively makes the scars nearly invisible, as they are hidden in these natural creases. Dr. Chandler will discuss proper care of the incisions after surgery in detail with you.

What is the Recovery Like After Blepharoplasty?

Recovery after blepharoplasty is typically mild and rapid. Immediately after surgery, Dr. Chandler requests that you rest in a partially reclining position with cool ice compresses applied to the eyelid region on and off every 30 minutes for 24 hours. You can get up, eat, and go to the bathroom, but it’s best to rest on the first day to reduce swelling and promote healing. Dr. Chandler will provide you with a prescription for a special ointment to apply to the eye lift incisions that are safe for use around the eye area. It usually takes about a week or so for the bruising under the eye area to resolve. Full healing from upper blepharoplasty takes 6 months to 1 year, but most patients look very excellent about 6 weeks after eyelid surgery in Philadelphia.

How Much Recovery Time is required for Cosmetic Surgery?

Recovery from eyelid surgery is not difficult. After Dr. Chandler performs your eye lift surgery, you will go home with no special covering or bandages on your eyelids. We ask that you apply cool ice compresses on and off every 30 minutes for the next 24 hours. If you’re diligent with the compresses, you can minimize bruising and swelling. Pain is not severe, and it is manageable with over-the-counter pain medication.

Dr. Chandler usually removes your stitches in about one week. At this point, your eyes will be improving, and this is the majority of any recovery you need to plan for. You may have some light swelling at times moving forward, and under eye bruising can take about 10 to 14 days to resolve. You can cover under-eye bruising with make-up if you wish and Dr. Chandler can discuss the proper care after blepharoplasty with you. Most patients can return to work within 72 hours of eyelid surgery.

When Can I Begin Exercising After Upper Eyelid Surgery?

Exercise after blepharoplasty should be mild for the first week after surgery. After just a few days you can walk and do some light exercise, but you need to avoid anything strenuous for your first week, especially extreme heavy lifting or anything that increases blood pressure to the face. Most patients can return to their regular exercise regimen in 2-3 weeks after eyelid surgery, but Dr. Chandler will discuss this with you because different patients heal at different rates.

What are the Risks with Upper Eyelid Surgery?

Blepharoplasty is still surgery. As such, there are the potential risks and complications of any surgery including infection, bleeding, and poor wound healing. Some rare eyelid-specific complications include eye injury, dry eyes, and problems closing an eyelid are extremely rare.

This is where Dr. Chandler’s intense dedication and expertise are important. His practice specializes in eyelid surgery, cheek surgery and forehead surgery, and he has extensive experience with the anatomy, muscular structure, and the best methods for rejuvenating the eyes safely.

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