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What is Ptosis Surgery?

Ptosis (“Toe-Sis” or Droopy Eyelid) is a condition where the upper eyelid or eyelids droop due to a muscle weakness. Ptosis makes a person with droopy eyelids look sad, imbalanced, tired and asymmetric. Sometimes people are judged negatively by others simply for having a droopy eyelid. Patients often share with Dr. Chandler their unhappiness with photographs or selfies of themselves, and they are often embarrassed by the droopy eyelid or lids. Asymmetric eyelids can cause frustration or even feelings of poor self-worth.

Ptosis surgery requires a true eyelid surgery expert, and few surgeons in the world have the training and experience to be considered experts in this specialty of plastic surgery. Unfortunately Ptosis will not improve with eyelid exercises or any non-surgical treatments. Ptosis surgery is delicate, precise and challenging. Dr. Chandler will carefully study photographs of your face that he takes personally and then he will review them with you during your consultation. Blepharoplasty does not correct Ptosis. Ptosis surgery is very different from Blepharoplasty, yet these procedures may be combined for the best eyelid surgery results.

How is a droopy eyelid corrected (Eyelid Lift)?

Ptosis surgery is performed in Dr. Chandler’s Philadelphia, Main Line or South Jersey office often under local anesthesia. Patient cooperation is required to help achieve the most precise balance in the appearance of the eyelids during this procedure. An incision is placed in the upper eyelid crease where it is blended to minimize scarring. View Dr. Chandler’s Before and After Photos of Ptosis Surgery to see top results he has achieved with Ptosis Surgery (Cosmetic Eyelift).

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Ptosis Surgery Philadelphia
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