Eyelid Moles And Tags

Mole Removal: Facial Moles and Skin Tags on the Face

I am sure you have been in this situation — you’re in a public place and notice a person you see with a funny looking growth, skin tag or mole on their face. Try as you might, you cannot help but stare at the mole or skin tag you see. Often we may remember someone more for the growth they had than for the conversation we had with them!

Our eyes are drawn to things that are irregular or deviate from the norm and so we notice facial imperfections quite readily. Human beings can be afflicted with many kinds of skin growths and medically speaking these growths may have medical names like papillomas or keratoses. Growths on the face and around the eyes form for many reasons including aging and sun exposure. The most important factor from a medical standpoint is whether a lesion is dangerous in some way — in other words, is it a skin cancer of some kind. In an upcoming post I’ll review skin cancers and how they are treated. Suffice it to say that I am extremely cautious regarding all growths and often send any worrisome growth that I remove for a biopsy to assure that it is not dangerous.

But even if a growth is not a skin cancer it can cause symptoms like irritation, itching, or discomfort. Often patients complain that they feel the need to rub or scratch the areas where growths occur. And from an appearance standpoint, growths on the face can be very unsightly. The removal of growths on the face is a medically covered procedure only if there is a concern for skin cancer or infection.  The vast majority of growths I remove are cosmetic in nature as they are unappealing or just don’t look nice in photographs.

I have included a picture of one of my patients that had numerous growths on the eyelids and face that I removed in the office. I think you will agree that there is a remarkable improvement in his appearance once the moles and skin tags are removed. He was treated in the office in a virtually pain-free manner and healed beautifully in a short few weeks. Each person and each growth is unique, but as a board-certified eyelid plastic surgeon, I can almost always remove growths in a pain-free manner with virtually no scarring. It’s time to have people look at you for who you are and not for the growths you may have!