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0901 - Face Mole Removal Eyelid Growths 60 year-old woman




Face Mole Removal Eyelid Growths –  60 year-old woman referred to Dr. Chandler for large growths of her left upper and lower eyelids. These challenging, darkly colored moles (keratoses / seborrheic keratosis) were directly in the eyelash lines and growing along the edges of the eyelids. The growth of the upper eyelid was growing over the edge of the eyelid and touching the eyeball. Few surgeons specialize in the precise and meticulous surgery required to remove these growths and most dermatologists will not dare work so close to the precious eyeball. In patients with darkly pigmented skin, like this patient, there is also a risk after surgery for spots of whitish or lightly colored areas where moles are removed. The usual risks of scarring or notching of the eyelid and loss of the eyelashes are also possible. The unretouched post-op photo is shown 6 weeks after in-office eyelid mole removal by Dr. Chandler. She has an excellent results, with normal eyelid margins, normal eyelash growth and minimal scarring. It is likely that in 6 months after mole removal surgery she will have virtually no evidence of the moles having been there. Many patients seek out Dr. Chandler for his precision and comfort in working around the sensitive eyelid areas.

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