Actual patients of Dr. Damon Chandler, Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon, Eyelid Surgery Specialist Case ID: 0851 – Face Mole Removal Eyelid Cyst – 64 year-old man



Eyelid Cyst Removal Surgery Philadelphia

Face Mole Removal / Eyelid Cyst Excision – a 64-year-old man with a large benign (non-harmful) cyst of his right lower eyelid. Despite how unsightly this cyst was, it caused him no harm. He desired cosmetic removal and underwent an in-office eyelid cyst removal. Patients such as this gentleman are often very nervous to have a doctor work so close to their eye or to end up with a disfiguring scar. His after-mole removal surgery photo is unaltered and unretouched.

This is the reason that eye doctors, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists from all over the Philadelphia and South Jersey area refer to Dr. Chandler. These results are why patients travel great distances for their expertise. After Eyelid Cyst Removal Surgery, this man has minimal scarring, no distortion of his eyelid and he was most appreciative of Dr. Chandler’s top cosmetic surgery outcomes.

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