Actual patients of Dr. Damon Chandler, Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon, Eyelid Surgery Specialist Case ID: 1359 – Lip Mole Removal of 23-year- old man



Mole Removal Upper Lip 57 year-old man. This patient saw Dr. Chandler’s results in a gallery in the office and after 25 years of living with a very unsightly mole on his upper lip he elected to have the mole removed. He underwent an in-office mole removal and had a very nice result with a small amount of remaining dark pigment in the area of the growth which was a non-dangerous nevus. Though the patient was satisfied with his result, Dr. Chandler recommended a small revision to remove even the small area of dark pigment that remained. The post-op photo after mole removal is shown 3 months after his second mole treatment procedure with Dr. Damon Chandler in his Jenkintown plastic surgery suite. The after mole removal photo shown is unretouched, with no photoshop, like all of Dr.Chandler’s results. The patient was thrilled with his result, especially given no alteration of the edge of the lip, which is very challenging to achieve.

Moles On Lip Is Not a Problem

Moles are a normal aspect of our lives. Everyone experiences it frequently. Mole on lip is something that people want to be removed. For this type of surgery, Chandler Cosmetic is a well-known facility in Philadelphia. In recent years, Dr. Chandler has excelled as a surgeon. He provides the best results for his patients using his top skills. He is renowned for having a thorough understanding of various facial techniques used in Philadelphia. The primary focus of Dr. Chandler’s practice is blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), ptosis surgery, cheek rejuvenation, lip mole removal, and other skin growths from all areas of the face. For some amazing mole results, clients must go to Chandler Cosmetic.

Lip Mole Removal

Some people find the mole on lip to be a bother. A mole on her upper lip, close to nose, was removed by Dr. Chandler for a 52-year-old patient. Dr. Chandler’s proficiency in lip mole removal was a factor in her decision. She had an office surgery with Dr. Chandler after they had discussed the options for treating this mole. Three months after having a lip mole removal, she is shown in her post-plastic surgery photo; as always, this image has not been edited in any way. This benign mole on the face and lips was a nevus. The very small scar is likely to diminish even more over the following six months, according to Dr. Chandler. She was happy to have picked Dr. Chandler for her precise lip mole removal surgery.

Our Services For Lip Mole Removal

Dr. Oculofacial plastic surgery, Chandler’s area of specialization, concentrates on reconstructive and aesthetic procedures performed on the face, eyelids, and surrounding areas. Oculofacial surgery patients frequently desire to appear more rested and youthful. Many conditions of the eyelids and face require specialized techniques to produce aesthetically pleasing results. You can select from the menu below to learn more about any of the following plastic surgery procedures: blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery, ptosis repair, mole removal (skin tags, cysts), facial sculpting with dermal fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma), wrinkle smoothing with Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin.

Philadelphia is home to two Chandlers Cosmetics offices. The majority of visitors come for treatment and the incredible cosmetic surgery results. Dr. Chandler is the foremost authority on all forms of lip mole removal and is the consummate professional. He concentrates on his work in order for his patients to be happy with it. Several well-known Philadelphia locations house Chandler cosmetics. Visit and take a look.

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