Actual patients of Dr. Damon Chandler, Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon, Eyelid Surgery Specialist

Case ID: 1359 - Lip Mole Removal of 23-year- old man



Mole Removal Upper Lip 57 year-old man. This patient saw Dr. Chandler’s results in a gallery in the office and after 25 years of living with a very unsightly mole on his upper lip he elected to have the mole removed. He underwent an in-office mole removal and had a very nice result with a small amount of remaining dark pigment in the area of the growth which was a non-dangerous nevus. Though the patient was satisfied with his result, Dr. Chandler recommended a small revision to remove even the small area of dark pigment that remained. The post-op photo after mole removal is shown 3 months after his second mole treatment procedure with Dr. Damon Chandler in his Jenkintown plastic surgery suite. The after mole removal photo shown is unretouched, with no photoshop, like all of Dr.Chandler’s results. The patient was thrilled with his result, especially given no alteration of the edge of the lip, which is very challenging to achieve.

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