Actual patients of Dr. Damon Chandler, Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon, Eyelid Surgery Specialist Case ID: 1073 – Ptosis Surgery Eyelid Lift – 26 year-old woman



Ptosis Surgery Result

Ptosis Surgery Eyelid Lift – 26 year-old woman — This young woman presented with drooping (Ptosis) of her right upper eyelid (left side of the photograph). She had noticed this for several years and was always very self-conscious about it. She had considered surgery but was scared of the risks of surgery and how the eyelid would look afterwords. After extensive research, she sought out Dr. Chandler for his expertise in cosmetic Ptosis surgery. She underwent Ptosis repair of the right upper eyelid in Dr. Chandler’s in-office surgery suite. She after cosmetic surgery photo is shown at 4 months post-op.

She was truly grateful for her lifted right upper eyelid which is much more symmetric with her left upper eyelid now. She after photo is an unretouched, unaltered photo, like all the photos in Dr. Chandler’s gallery. No scar is visible, and the shape and contour of the right upper eyelid is excellent. Young patients like this require an extremely diligent surgeon with meticulous attention to detail and extensive experience with Ptosis surgery to achieve this kind of result.

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