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Sometimes when you’re seeing a dermatologist, he or she may freeze the various growths and keratoses that are showing up on your arms, hands, back and legs. By doing this, these unsightly or pre-cancerous growths won’t continue to grow or worsen.

It’s tempting at the same time to have your dermatologist freeze or burn off unwanted moles, skin tags, cysts, or other growths on your face. But we would advise you not to, as doing so can create a scar — and unwanted scarring on the face is very unfortunate. And when growths are near to your eye, it is dangerous to burn or freeze off mole to yourself. Many dermatologist, ophthalmologists, eye doctors, and plastic surgeons refer to Dr. Chandler for challenging growths, and freeze off mole removal near the eye area in particular. Since this requires expert plastic microsurgery techniques.

Come to either of our Chandler Cosmetic Surgery offices for freeze off mole removal, and best mole removal in the Philadelphia, PA, South Jersey, NJ, Main Line, and surrounding area and have Dr. Chandler evaluate you for surgical treatment of your freeze a mole off, facial moles and skin tags. He has extensive experience freezing moles these skin blemishes and takes pride in doing so with the most minimal scarring possible.

Can You Freeze Off a Mole: How Does it Work?

Moles are a common skin issue; while many choose to leave them alone, some find they’re dissatisfied with their appearance. So if you’d like to remove your moles, freezing moles off is a popular option. Also known as cryosurgery or cryotherapy, freezing moles on the face quickly and easily reduce their appearance.

The procedure doesn’t take long and begins with your doctor giving you a local anesthetic. They will then use liquid nitrogen to freeze the mole and force it off the skin. Afterward, there may be some swelling and redness for a few days, but this should disappear quickly. In some cases, your doctor will give you antibiotics to prevent infection.

When removing moles, many people believe that freezing them off is the easiest and quickest way to eliminate them. However, this can be risky if not done correctly or in the right conditions. The risks associated with this procedure include scarring, discoloration of the skin, and a slight change in sensation, but these are usually minor. You should always speak with your doctor before taking the plunge and freezing a mole off to determine the best choice for your situation.

For those seeking mole removal in Philadelphia, Dr. Chandler at Chandler Cosmetic is considered one of the top surgeons. Dr. Chandler has extensive experience removing moles with state-of-the-art laser technology. He knows exactly where to target the lasers to remove moles effectively and safely without damaging healthy skin around the mole. Unlike freezing moles off, laser removal involves minimal restoration time and few side effects. For the best treatment and results, contact Chandler Cosmetic today.

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What are moles and other growths on the face?

There are several skin lesions that are common and benign.

  • Moles typically are brown or black growths on the skin. They may begin to appear in childhood and accumulate through the first 25 years of a person’s life. Most people have between 10 and 40 moles by the time they are 30. Moles occur when skin cells called melanocytes, the cells that make the pigment that gives our skin its natural color, grow in a cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin.Moles can change color or they can become raised. A hair can develop in the mole. Other moles may slowly disappear over time. Moles can turn into skin cancer, but most do not. Dr. Chandler sends the moles he removes to pathology to ensure a precise diagnosis and that there is no unexpected skin cancer.
  • Skin tags are small flaps of tissue that hang off the skin by a connecting stalk. Skin tags are harmless but on the face or neck, they’re often very unsightly.
  • Seborrheic keratoses are brown or black growths usually found on the chest, back, and the head. They develop from cells called keratinocytes in the skin. They tend to resemble a wart and are much more common on the faces of older people but can appear throughout life.


Dr. Chandler has extensive experience freeze off mole many types of facial skin growths, moles, nevus and skin tags. The procedure is performed in the office and Dr. Chandler’s plastic surgical expertise will minimize any scarring.

You have any question about “Can you freeze off a mole”  then click to see an extensive freeze off mole removal gallery for the Best Mole Removal Before and After Photos from Dr. Damon Chandler.

If you’re ready to get rid of that unsightly freezing mole removal, skin tag, cyst, xanthelasma, keratosis or other unwanted growth, contact Dr. Chandler at his South Jersey, NJ (Moorestown/Cherry Hill) office, (609) 877-2800, or his Philadelphia, PA (Jenkintown/Abington) office, (215) 885-6830, to schedule a cosmetic consultation.

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