Actual patients of Dr. Damon Chandler, Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon, Eyelid Surgery Specialist Case ID: 1768 – Eyelid Mole Removal 39 year-old woman



Eyelid Mole Removal Philadelphia

A 39-year-old woman with a mole of her central right upper eyelid. Patients are often told that any removal of an eyelid growth may result in scarring, a notch of the eyelid, and/or loss of eyelashes. Dr. Chandler specializes in the microscopic precision necessary to remove such a delicate growth. Dermatologists and eye doctors routinely refer their patients to Dr. Chandler for his expertise in this area.

Patients have traveled from around the country to see Dr. Chandler when they were turned away from many other physicians. This patient is shown before and after eyelid mole removal at 7 weeks after her surgery. There is virtually no scarring and her lashes have regrown beautifully. Women are particularly worried about the loss of eyelashes – and Dr. Chandler does everything he can to save them all!


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