Actual patients of Dr. Damon Chandler, Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon, Eyelid Surgery Specialist Case ID: 0910 – Face Move Removal Eyelid Skin Tag 35 year-old man



Eyelid Skin Tag Removal Surgery in Philadelphia

Face Mole Removal Eyelid Skin Tag Removal – 35-year-old man presented to Dr. Chandler after having seen 4 other physicians. He had seen his family doctor, eye doctor, plastic surgeon, and a dermatologist – none of which could help him. He has an unusual mole growing along the edge of his left upper eyelid which is distorting his lid, lashes, and tear duct, and is resting directly on the surface of the eyeball. This caused him no pain, no discomfort, or any symptoms – but he hated the appearance!

Dr. Chandler specializes in difficult cosmetic mole removals just like this case. The risks include the inherent challenges of working so close to the eyeball, the risk of scar, the risk of a notch at the edge of the eyelid, and the risk of loss of eyelashes, among other possible troubles.

With great precision, the mole was removed, in the office, without pain. Dr. Chandler also removed a small mole in the center of the eyelid about the other larger mole. The patient is shown only 3 weeks after his Mole on eyelid removal and has a fantastic outcome. His eyelid and lashes have a natural appearance with no effect on his eye function. Few surgeons specialize in this delicate form of mole removal surgery.

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