Actual patients of Dr. Damon Chandler, Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon, Eyelid Surgery Specialist Case ID: 0991 – Mole Removal Xanthelasma 69 year-old woman



Xanthelasma Removal at Before And After

Mole Removal Xanthelasma — 69 year-old woman presented to Dr. Chandler with Xanthelasma of the eyelids. These unsightly growths are not cysts or eyelid mole removal. They are cholesterol deposits in the skin and doctors do not understand why these deposits form in the precise location of the inner eyelid area.

Many patients are bothered by the appearance of Xanthelasmas and seek cosmetic treatment. Chemical peels, lasers and creams are often tried with minimal success and often scarring. Surgery is the definitive treatment of Xanthelasma. This patient is shown 3 months after Xanethelasma removal with Dr. Chandler with minimal scarring. She was very pleased with her outcome and over the next 6 months even these minimal scars will continue to fade.

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