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Blepharoplasty Upper Eyelid Surgery Philadelphia PA

Do friends or family ask you if you’re tired even though you’ve had a great night’s sleep? Do people say you look sad when you feel pretty content? Thank you very much! Are you look in the mirror and wonder why you don’t look like you did years ago? All of these things may be due to heavy excess skin and fat forming around our eyelids as we age. In particular, the eyes show aging changes more prominently than other parts of our bodies, and even subtle changes are noticeable.

When people speak and look at us, they typically look at our faces and focus on our eyes. This is why any change around the eye area is noticed almost immediately. Unfortunately, eyelid skin is incredibly thin and delicate, which makes aging changes hard to conceal. However, eyelid creams and lotions can be temporarily helpful when only mild aging has occurred. So, upper Blepharoplasty is an immediate, long-term solution with tremendous impact.

Surgical treatment of the puffy eye surgery, called upper Blepharoplasty, removes excess skin and fatty tissue. The incisions are placed in the upper eyelid crease and are virtually invisible after the eyelids are healed. Upper eyelid Blepharoplasty takes about an hour and is performed as a same-day surgery under local anesthesia in the office. Down-time is brief, and the postoperative period is spent applying ice compresses to the eyelids.

How Dr. Chandler Removes Skin And Fat Through Upper Blepharoplasty

Here you can see a patient who underwent Blepharoplasty upper eyelid to remove skin and fat from the puffy eyes. You’ll agree that the impact of her surgery is dramatic. In just one hour of outpatient surgery, her appearance improved for years. Look at how alert, awake, and “bright-eyed” she appears. Of course, she is still the same lovely person, but now her appearance is refreshed and revitalized. The shape and contour of her eyes remain undisturbed, and she looks younger and fabulous. She tells me that she feels more alert, like “a weight was taken off her lids,” and that she is ready to face the world!

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